Hurrians and Hurrian
in Minoan Crete &
Corpus of transliterated
Linear A texts


Peter van Soesbergen (born in Amsterdam, 7th February 1945) studied Classics at the University of Amsterdam (Doctoral Examination cum laude). He pursued research on The archaeological context of Minoan Linear A for the Netherlands Organization for Pure Research (report of 400 pp.), published several articles and gave papers at international colloquia and congresses (Heraklion, Bucharest, Sheffield, Nottingham, Prague, Rome, Naples), a Mycenaean Seminar on The historical significance of onomastic data from Linear A and B texts (Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, 28th May 1980) and special papers on Linear A at Cambridge and Groningen. He pursued research as a Leverhulme European Visiting Fellow and Independent Research Worker at the University of Sheffield, where he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on the thesis The onomastics of the ‘Minoan Linear A’ and ‘Linear B’ documents and their historical significance, which formed the basis for the present monographs.

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Minoan Linear A, Volume I, Part 1 MINOAN LINEAR A, VOLUME I, HURRIANS AND HURRIAN IN MINOAN CRETE, PART 1: TEXT. The author has reviewed previous attempts to decipher Minoan Linear A concluding that none can be accepted as presenting consistent phonological and morphological evidence, which is required for identification of an idiom written with an undeciphered script. Using phonological…